Climate Schools PLUS

Climate Schools Plus is an integrated online intervention for students and parents to prevent alcohol and cannabis harms among adolescents

Climate School Plus is based on the effective principles of Koning’s PAS-PI program (i.e. targeting rule setting) but attempts to overcome barriers to parental engagement by moving the intervention online.

  • In this intervention, parents will reach a consensus on a set of rules via on online webinar
  • In addition, online modules will augment the outcomes of the intervention by targeting the mediating factors underlying the success of PAS-PI. For example, Koning has demonstrated that the effect of rules on alcohol use (via self-control) is only significant if there is high quality AOD parent-child communication. Thus, online modules may provide skills and knowledge relevant to communication.
  • Parental engagement will further enhanced by providing weekly summaries of what students are learning in the Climate Schools Student component
  • These three program components will be accessed by parents via an online portal.